Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Start A War

Djs Ts & Roll present...

L  I  F  E  /  S  T  Y  L  E

irish car bombs & 2-step

thursday, october 22nd, 10pm - 2am
always free, Beauty Bar, 2299 mission st at 19th

Dear friends,

Well, we are firmly in Fall now.  It was nice that Summer tried to hold it's death grip on our lovely City until last Saturday.  L/S last week once again proved to be one of the best nights in town.  Always solid.  The crowd danced a little later than usual.  I just had to warm them up a little more than usual, but then again that's why I'm there.  Lots of new faces next week, but it was great to see Scott C. who was in town for the Brutal Legend launch and APE.  Actually, I think Rok dragged him out.

Saturday I maxed out with Buttons, MK and Steve for way too much food: fried eggs, bacon, fried toast, lots of coffee, a dozen oysters, a moresque, two bottles of champagne, huckleberry ice cream, pizza, etc.  This happened mostly at Zuni on a perfect afternoon.  All of this before Crajy Amazing's Thanksgiving (YES!) dinner where I tested the limits of my stomach by too much drink, too much turkey, too much ham, too much chorizo stuffing, too much gobbler cobbler (!), drenched in cranberry and gravy, and, oh, possibly the best apple pie I've tasted in years.

This week Raul & I soldier on.  We've repacked our bags and have selected a few new jams for your enjoyment.  Maybe some Davila 666, perhaps?  Swing on by for a dance and drink x 10.  Bring your friends; we'd love to meet them.

Lastly, Halloween is nearly upon us.  Make sure you have your costume and get your ticket to our gig at Bottom of the Hill that night.  In addition to beautiful choons provided by local heroes, Loquat, and openers, Love Like Fire, Greg, Raul, and I (collectively Fallout vs. Life/Style) are amassing our stockpile of special dance floor fillers for the night to ensure you dance nonstop. 


Tickets are selling briskly and if you are planning on coming make sure you can get in other than by hopping the fence in backyard like we did in 1995 for that Elastica show.  Yeah, I totally made out with Donna Matthews.  I think she was hot back then...

Love, Ts

oct 25 : Superrock at Laszlo : guitars & films
oct 30 : Errrly! at Beauty Bar : special guest dj's Helen & Blue
oct 31 : Halloween Party ! Bottom of the Hill : Loquat, Love Like Fire, Life/Style, Fallout

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