Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EARLY!'s 2nd Birthday Party!/event.php?eid=134444829929353&index=1

Dj Ts & Ame-dj present...

2nd Anniversary Party!

featuring the reunion of FALLOUT (Djs Seijiro & Rantz)
This Friday -  July 30th : 6pm - 10pm
Beauty Bar : 2299 Mission @ 19th


Dear friends,

I never expected EARLY! to last as long as it has, and it seems like it will last for years to come at this rate.  This is all due to you and your desire to have your own party.  So many people helped with this party and have dj'd at this party (many who have gone on to bigger & brighter dj careers or have just enjoyed getting to express themselves behind the decks at least once in this lifetime).  In two years time, that is A LOT of people to list.  Suffice it to say, I thank you all - from the patrons to the djs to the old friends to the new friends to my co-workers at the Beauty Bar.  Two people I would like to thank especially are Greg and Amedee. Whether they know it or not, their passion to do this party with me really keeps it going, and in many ways they are the real ones to thank for EARLY!, not me.

This week EARLY! celebrates its 2nd birthday on Friday.  This is a special occasion for all the reasons you may guess, but for me it will be a special treat because one of my favorite SF crews of all time reunites to dj for the first time in many years - FALLOUTKen & Greg aka djs Seijiro & Rantz aka FALLOUT threw what was considered by many including myself one of THEE BEST PARTIES in all of SF.  It was fun, eclectic, inclusive, etc.  Re-experience the magic and welcome them back to the decks.

Of course, Amedee & I will dj and there will be some TREATS as well.  Come early for those since they are sure to run.  As always, the lovely Jason El D will be behind the bar serving delicious, well made drinks and refreshing beer.

Thanks once again for everything.  It means a lot to me.  See you Friday.

Yours, Ts

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