Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Music Appreciation T-shirts!

Tonight!  Wednesday, March 27 starting at 9pm at Laszlo, it's time to celebrate Bryan's birthday at The Good Life!  Let's fete him in grand style.  We'll have delicious cake and balloons and The Goonies!

We are rolling out our new 'Music Appreciation' shirts.  :-)  First 5 to attend and ask for a shirt, get a FREE one.  Otherwise, the shirts are $5 a pop.  Limited quantity.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New flyer for THE GOOD LIFE

The Good Life is 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at Laszlo!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disco High School Rawk

Dear friends,

Hello again!

A lot of things cooking this week.  Please join me at one of these events, each of which is free.  Thanks so much!

Sincerely, Tony

THURS : 03/24 : 9p-2a / 800 Larkin St. : Disco/Funk/R&B : BETTER DAYS : This one is for dancing!  Party with Mitch aka Dj Yeah Right and me for the *re-boot* of this night focused on downtown club sounds centered around 1976-83 sprinkled with funk and soul music from all eras.  This one is truly a labor of love.  We've been trying to get this night off the ground and find like-minded people to support it.  We'll stretch out and take you from terra firma to outer space!  Think Studio 54 vs. the Funhouse circa New Order's Confusion.  To get an idea of what's going on check out Mitch's Hello Disco blog.

FRI : 03/25 : 6p-10p / Beauty Bar : Anything goes/High School record collections : EARLY! : East Bay Invasion!  Liz & Michael join Amedee & me as guest djs this month!  Show them some *love* and start your weekend with our monthly happy hour party!  We'll bust out records from our early days of collecting as well as new additions.  Fabulous Jason El D serves up the delicious cheap drinks. 

SUN : 03/27 : 9p-2a / Laszlo : Music to storm the castle to :  SUPERROCK x LIFE/STYLE : This month is a special one as we celebrate Bryan Riate aka Steady B's birthday.  We're gonna go beyond *thunderdome* on this one and bring out even more sounds to defeat the forces of boredom and bad magic.  As always, one of most favorite dudes around, Bryan Ranere, hosts and kicks some jams, too.  Guitars are still our specialty, but expect some surprise on this night.  Oh and give the birthday boy his hits!  Cult films always shown.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Dj Yeah Right from Hello Disco has new dj night appropriately named BETTER DAYS! He has graciously asked me to be a part of the regular crew for this party. It debuts this Thursday, January 20 at Little Baobab. The flyer sums up the vibe, and I guarantee that I will take from the depths of Hades to the bliss of INFINITE SPACE!