Thursday, October 22, 2009

Field Trip to Paul Smith for the The Sartorialist's / Scott Schuman's Book Signing Event

Last night Ts, Amedee, Seth, Adam and I attended The Sartorialist's book signing at the Paul Smith store in Union Square. I love it when shit like this happens because everyone gets so excited and puts on their best faces and outfits, in this case. Thanks to my web designer buddies from work, we had a great spot in a line that eventually wrapped around the block. I loved it when darling people we knew walked by on their way to the back of the line - so high school, i know, but it's the simple things, really!

Anyway, the fun was all in waiting with friends and people watching because I never have anything to say to authors at book signings and was mortified when SS actually tried to talk to me! I almost wished he would have just kept his head down like Richard Avedon when i went to his book signing years ago.

Despite that, it was a perfect evening.



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