Monday, January 25, 2010

1, Sum, or ALL

Djs Ts & Roll present

L I F E / S T Y L E

guest dj Anthony from Loquat
free, thursday, jan 28th, 10p-2a
beauty bar, 2299 mission st at 19th

Dear friends,

Last week it seemed like it was a ghost town out there with all the rain and cold out there.  Thanks to those of you who broke out and danced and got drunk at L/S and put up with the obnoxious Australian woman who bugged the hell out of everyone before she got kicked out.  Unfortunately, Kirk was sick that night and was unable to make it out, but he'll be back very soon.  Thursday continues to be my favorite night of the week, and it's all because of you.

This week is the busy week for L/S.  Lots to choose from...

FIRST: On Wednesday, I'm helping put on a photography show at my work which has it's opening from 6p-8p at my work.  The beautiful landscapes that will be exhibited are by Matthew Shallenberger.  Unframed prints will be for sale for $60/each.  Framed prints will be available, too.  There will be drinks and food on hand.

SECOND: On Thursday, the Life/Style soul train continues with a return appearance by Anthony Gordon - local papparazzo and my favorite bass player in Loquat.  Besides his rad music selections, it always seems to be a particularly debaucherous night out when he is involved.  In other words, GOOD TIMES!  Maybe he'll preview some new Loquat jams, perhaps?

THIRD: On Friday from 6p-10p at the Beauty Bar, thee best happy hour in SF returns for it's monthly appearance.  One of the world's finest dj's, Amedee Ito, slays the dance floor again with all the original vinyl you wish you had.  If you haven't heard her dj at her gig at the Casanova, now is your chance.  Making his debut behind the decks...  Dj Clay Stafford.  Yup, drink a lot, dance to rad choons.  I'm guessing you might hear some Eurythmics and Holy Ghost and America and etc.  Sounds like an epic start to the weekend.

THE LAST: On Sunday, I dj at my monthly gig at Laszlo, SUPERROCK.  I start at 9p and go till close.  This is the night where I play music w guitars.  Maybe you can dance to it; maybe you can't.  That isn't the point.  Think the Kinks, Bob Seger, Sonic Youth, The Creation, Arcade Fire, The Smiths, early rock-n-roll, Steely Dan, Magnetic Fields, Can, Scorpions, Bauhaus, America, Girls, Interpol, Eddie Money, Neil Diamond, The Dirtbombs, Phoenix, The Jam, etc.  Bonus, if you bring a 45 that fits somewhere in that mix, I WILL play it.  Also, I'll be playing 'Suspiria' for you to watch.

So... That's a lot to do.  Join me at one, some or all of these events.  There will be even more to come in February.  And if you ever have the chance to go to the Face or Sweaterfunk parties, you should go to those, too.  Why?  Because they are RAD.

love, Ts

Upcoming events...
1/27: M. Shallenberger show @  DWR Fillmore
1/28: L/S : Anthony Gordon
1/29: Errrly : Clay & Amedee
1/31: Superrock : dj Ts

2/03: Penny Arcade : Loquat
2/04: L/S : Vinyl Richie
2/11: L/S : dj Oddz
2/18: L/S : 1 Year Anniversary : Details Coming Soon

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