Monday, July 6, 2009

sidewalk jams

photo depicting beginning of sidewalk dancing stolen from mk (again).

watch this space... i will be putting some details of last thursday's awesomeness up here bit by bit today...
most folks had a three day weekend (maybe longer) so i knew thursday would be very busy. our night has been gaining momentum for sometime now, too. last week one of my oldest/dearest friends/big brother kirk (aka the selecter dj kirk) was our guest dj. currently he does sweater funk and concrete jungle if you haven't checked out his nights yet. also check out his new coffee shop vega (on folsom b/w 8th & 9th) if you have the chance. what few skills i do have i have b/c he taught me them many years ago. both raul and i were excited to have him on board.
intially it sounded like kirk was gonna play some boogie and madchester jams. as anyone who has been to our night knows, we play everything and kirk probably ended up playing a lot of stuff he didn't realize he was going to play.
the night was packed from the get go and there was still a residual mj effect although raul politely turned each request down. when people asked me for mj (pretty much the only request of any of us all night), i asked them that if they were having a good time (which they were), told them to trust us, and maybe, just maybe, we would get some mj in.
lots of faces showed up - both old and new. the vega crew, the sweater funk crowd, our regulars, some birthday peeps, the east bay posse, etc. it was so hot and crowded in there that mk decided to move the dance party to the 19th st sidewalk jamming out with the rad dude (homeless perhaps?) who just couldn't get enough of kirk's r-n-b jams.
lots of women in attendance. seems like every dude that was just standing around was asked to dance. danielle was dancing with this one woman and then they dragged me into the whole thing. since i love dancing, no problem. later i walked up to the woman and thanked her coming out to our night and asked her how she knew danielle? to which she responded, 'who's that?!' i
the night peaked during kirk's set when he played cherrille's 'saturday love'. you could hear the crowd collectively go 'oh, damn!' when that jam went on. much of the same happened throughout the night. i played a somewhat perfunctory set while raul and kirk played lots rad selections. i mostly made sure everyone had drinks and made sure my lady friends were not getting harrassed by drunk dudes.
after our successful evening, we all had tequila shots and then i hopped in a cab and went home. when i got out of the cab, 2 police cars rolled up to the house across the street and drew guns on a dude, yelling at him to get down on the ground. of course, i had no interest in gunplay so i fumbled in for my keys, got inside quickstyle, and proceeded to eat leftover pizza!

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