Friday, July 17, 2009

i want you

finally up and running after recovering from last night's fun. a quick recap: apologies to raul's fans; he had the flu or summat and couldn't make it out last night. g'mo and design astronaut micke filled in wonderfully. they totally killed it. the reality is that i probably didn't need to dj at all last night. this was micke's debut guest dj gig with L/S. and his selections were super fresh. last night he and greg ranged from kraut to cumbia to indie to disco to etc... one thing that was different last night were the requests. they were weird and random. actually greg got those; he can tell you about that. UPDATE: greg was offered $20 to play the macarena! also, he was asked for "punk rock" but i guess modern lovers was not punk rock enough then was asked to play the doors (!) and then asked to play some black eyed peas. wow

btw, i forming an all female dj crew. if you're interested, i'll teach you everything. just have great taste. i'll teach you all the technicals and beat matching. cf. above then i'll book all your gigs and we'll make lots of money.

next week: bizzy lizzy guest dj's for michelle k's bday. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS. it will be special.

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