Friday, July 10, 2009

apparently i'm a jerk

so... sometimes we take requests; sometimes we don't. at this point in the game, it doesn't phase me one bit. usually it takes $$$ for you to get a request actually. no amount of flirting or offering to get me drinks will get a song played unless coincidence happens. i politely say 'no' and smile. raul is a little more forgiving...

mj's passing has now made this situation irritating. we get requests from EVERYONE to play an mj song. of our own accord, we'll even play some but more likely something not off 'thriller'.

in a generous mood last night, i played a mini-mj set. unsolicited. at the tail end of it a woman comes to the booth and asks for an mj song. the following exchange happened:

is it ok if i make a request? something by michael jackson.

i'm playing michael jackson right now.

can you play some good michael jackson?

hey, are you having a good time?

we'll trust us then.

but i want to hear michael jackson!

hey, how about i buy you a drink?

you're a JERK!

really?! really?! i just asked if you were enjoying yourself and offered to get you a drink, and you call me a jerk for not playing something that has been ubiquitous since mj's death. I AM SO IRRITATED.

Ps. this aside last night was a lot of fun. peeps like riley, micke, adam, jax, dusty, candice, bootsy, dan the automator (!), dusty, etc. buttons, megan, and suraya (sp?) brought the SERIOUS hotness. thank you thank you thank you

Pps. special shout out to Anthony Gordon. he had to put up with a lot of bs and technical difficulties last night but still played great sets. nice to hear none obvious jams and have people responds super positively. Anthony, next time will be better. I promise.

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