Monday, April 26, 2010

Well Edited

photo of Eug by Suckafreeze

Djs Ts & Roll present...

L I F E / S T Y L E

guest dj Eug (FACE)
thursday, april 29th, 10pm - 2am
beauty bar, 2299 mission st
always free


Dear friends,

Well...  I just got back from New York.  It definitely was good to take a little break.  I hung out mostly with No-No (who dj's next week) and caught up with a couple friends.  I mostly took it easy and ate A LOT of food.  5 meals a day with snacks in between. 

I went there mainly to catch The Specials show which was much fun if a bit anticlimactic because Terminal 5 is such a horrible venue.  (More about that some other time.)  It was a dream come true to see Terry Hall play with the rest of the band - something I've wanted to see since I first heard The Specials in the early 80's.  He sounded great and was simultaneously cranky, gracious, on-point, bratty, thankful and funny.

While I was away, dj Ren guest dj'd at L/S and by all accounts he ROCKED THE HOUSE.  I wish I could have been there to catch him spin.  He'll be back to guest again, and I will join you on the dance floor to boogie the night away.  Thanks, Ren, for sharing the music!

This week Eug is back.  He had to postpone his regular spot a couple of weeks ago, and this is the make up date.  I can go on and on about Eug and how awesome he is but suffice it to say...  If you've been to his parties like Face or its previous incarnation, I Can't Feel My Face, at SOM, you know to catch every gig he spins at.  If you haven't seen him yet, now is your chance.  He does so many things well and plays music that's close to my heart.  Disco, edits, spacey house, obscure new wave, maybe some italo, French indie, boogie, etc.  Please join us this Thursday for another night of awesomeness!

Lastly, Friday, if you are not busy, come on down to Amedee's & my monthly happy hour gig at Beauty Bar, EARLYBe prepared to get drunk quickly and start dancing while the sun is still outGreg Morantz returns to decks in a guest appearance.  He hasn't played with us in a while, and I'm sure he has some new nuggets to share.

Take care, guys, and I'll see you soon.

yf, Ts

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