Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Should 5% appear too small...

Djs Ts & Roll present...

L I F E / S T Y L E
cheap drinks dance party!

guest dj Anthony Gordon
thursday, april 15th, 10pm - 2am
beauty bar, 2299 mission st
always free


Dear friends,

With tax day looming on the horizon, the Mission seemed like a ghost town last Thursday except, of course, for LIFE/STYLE.  It was definitely a later crowd but a great one nonetheless.  Our guest dj Mitch aka Dj Yeah Right! played some fun sets and brought some much appreciated disco, electro and edits.  Good job! 

A special thanks to Alex aka Cuba Libre for coming down last minute who performed live percussion via his Roland drum pad.  Timbales, cowbell, 808, etc.!  His drumming added a very rad live element to the mix and got the crowd very pumped up.  Alex and I are practicing with this set up and be on the look out for us to dj/perform more in the future whether it be at L/S or other parties.

This week dear friend, raconteur, paparazzo, etc. Anthony Gordon from Loquat returns for his regular L/S dj slot.  I'm not sure what he's spinning this week but rest assured it will shake your A$$!

As always, Raul and I thank you for your continued support.  See you on Thursday!

yf, Ts

ps.  Mark your calendars for Friday, April 23rd.  Raul and friends will be dj-ing a benefit for Mission Creek Music Festival.  Guests include The Selecter dj Kirk (Concrete Jungle/Sweaterfunk), Kelley Stoltz, EmDee (Debaser/Club Neon), and Neil Martinson (SMiLE!).


  1. Did you make those lovely merci cards?

  2. unfortunately no. i got them at little otsu and enjoy handing them out to people. xo, Ts