Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This week : BOOTSY

want this via email... let us know at lifedotstyle @ gmail . com

Djs Ts & Roll present...

L I F E / S T Y L E

special guest dj Bootsy
thursday, september 17th, 10-2
always free, Beauty Bar, 2299 mission st at 19th

Dear friends,

Well... I'm back from NYC. Saw some fashion shows, rode bikes in the park, ate a lot of delicious food, spent way too much $$$, etc. I'm excited to be back and hang. Sorry for all the unreturned emails, but as you can imagine, I was busy totally having fun.

While I was away Oddz'N'Endz held down the fort with the help of Amedee, Green, and Paul. A special thanks to them and you for partying on Thursday while Raul and I were away. Actually, I'm bummed I missed it. I'm sure the music was rad, and by all accounts, it was a super fun time.

Now, on to this week... Bootsy aka Mr. Harput guest dj's with me this week. Some thought that this would never happen, but guess what... IT IS! Be prepared to dance to all radness and stupidity that we'll bring on Thursday. I'm sure all that booze you'll drink will only make it better. Bring friends and spread the word.

I look forward to seeing you.

Love, Ts

sept 17 - guest dj Bootsy
sept 24 - Dj Kirk the Selecter guest djs (In-N-Out, Sweaterfunk)
sept 25 - Errrly! - the best happy hour party in San Francisco
sept 27 - Superrock
oct 31 - Loquat, Love Like Fire, Life/Style, Fallout

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