Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Selecter Dj Kirk this Thursday, etc.

Djs Ts & Roll present...

L I F E / S T Y L E

special guest dj...
The Selecter Dj Kirk
thursday, september 24th, 10-2
always free, Beauty Bar, 2299 mission st at 19th

Dear friends,

This week's a big one...

First up: The Selecter Dj Kirk co-dj's with me this Thursday at L/S. Last time he dj'd w us he packed the place and probably produced one of our sweatiest dance floors this past summer. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS. He comes prepared with skills and the selections you need. Maybe you've caught him at his regular gigs - Sweaterfunk, Concrete Jungle, In-N-Out. Oh yeah, his coffee shop, Vega, is rad, too.

Friday sees the monthly return of SF's best happy hour party : Errrly! One of our favorite artists/designers/men about town, Micke Tong, guest dj's. Once again, this party is strictly for you and done for love. Let's all hang out, get drunk early, dance too much, and meet for tacos across the street. Celebrate the end of the work week, see you there, and spread the word!

Sunday, L/S invades Laszlo for their weekly super rock party, errr, Superrock. Like the Smiths and the Scorpions? Fleetwood Mac and Primal Scream? Can and Neil Diamond? You get the picture. Bryan R. hosts, Alex aka Cuba Libre guest djs. Oh, and do you like hella good mixed drinks? Zach and Glen make some of the best around. We start at 9pm. What good way to start your next week.

Some thoughts... It's good to be back. A lot of you were on vacation, too, and I've missed you. I was lucky enough to see some of you last week, and it was great to be back behind the decks again. Last week, Bootsy made a cameo, and Amedee (!) helped me out while Raul continues to work on his bikini lines in Mexico. (He'll back behind the decks next week, yo.) Special thanks to all the French folks who filled the joint last week post-Phoenix or pre-Alan Braxe. (Apparently they liked to rock to twee indie jams or crunchy, fidgety electro).

Love, Ts

sept 25 - Beauty Bar : Errrly! w guest dj Micke Sixxx- the best happy hour party in SF
sept 27 - Laszlo : Superrock x LIFE/STYLE w guest dj Cuba Libre
oct 31 Halloween Party ! Bottom of the Hill : Loquat, Love Like Fire, Life/Style, Fallout

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