Monday, November 22, 2010

November Update

Dear friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

A couple of party updates:

1)  I'm celebrating my birthday this Friday at Beauty Bar from 6p-10p at my monthly happy hour party Early.  In addition to regular djs Amedee & me, Bryan R. (aka Steady B) and Ren (Sweaterfunk) will be guest dj.  If you are in town, please stop on by!!/event.php?eid=117222585007493


2)  Superrock x LIFE/STYLE returns to Laszlo this Sunday, November, 28th from 9p-2a.  Please join Bryan R, Steady B and me for an awesome night of guitar musics, cult films, and well made cocktails.

3)  On Wednesday, December 8th from 9p-2a at Laszlo, we celebrate many Sagittarian birthdays - most notably our guest of honor, Seth R., who turns one of the round numbers.  30, perhaps?  In addition to the LIFE/STYLE crew (Raul & me), Eug from FACE and Greg Morantz (Fallout) will dj as well.

4)  On Thursday, December 9th, 6p-10p at Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences.  This is their event in conjunction with Indie-Mart, and in addition to LIFE/STYLE dj-ing, bands AB and the Sea and Boy in the Bubble.  Raul & I are stoked to be asked to dj at this event.  Come party with us and... PENGUINS!  Tickets available on line at the California Academy of Sciences.

Take care and I hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Ts

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