Monday, May 3, 2010

The Last of the Famous International Weeklies

photo of djs No-No & Ts by Michael Coughlan

Djs Ts, Roll, Oddz present...

L I F E / S T Y L E

special guest dj No-No (Expensive NYC)
special guest percussionist dj Cuba Libre
thursday, may 6th, 10pm - 2am
beauty bar, 2299 mission st
always free


Dear friends,

Wow!  Thanks for coming out in full force last week and showing us and dj Eug so much love.  We had a wonderful time dancing and drinking with you.  When Eug dropped Lindsay Buckingham's 'Trouble (Prince Language Edit)', it felt like something magical was happening.  Lots of smiles and good times!

With that, we arrive at this Thursday which will be the last weekly edition of LIFE/STYLE.  A lot of variables factored into this decision.  Suffice it to say, this is a good decision for us which will help us expand and do different parties and events.  You can still catch us regularly albeit on a monthly basis (still at Beauty Bar on the first Thursday of each month to be exact).

There was no way that Ari aka dj Oddz could miss the last weekly LIFE/STYLE so she will return to the decks playing classics from her record bag.  We have two special guests this week.  Noel aka dj No-No (Expens!ve) is flying in from NYC bringing the jams you need to hear.  He hasn't dj'd in the Bay Area in a long time so now is a good time to catch up and see what he's up to.  Also, Alex aka dj Cuba Libre will be joining in with all of us providing percussion via his drumpad aka Dr. Avalanche, Jr.  Alex and I have been practicing and you are in for a real treat.  His live drumming adds something really rich to the mix.

From Raul, Ari, and me, Ts, we thank you so much for your support over the past year and half.  As you can imagine, it's difficult to put on a dj night, let alone a weekly that has proven to be very successful.  In the end, we did it all for you and enjoyed seeing you all each week and making many new friends in the process.  Be on the look out for more of our events this summer and beyond.  There's lots in the works, much of it to be finalized in the next couple of weeks.  You can also check in with us via our blog, too, if you can't wait for these email updates:

Take care and please come dance and celebrate with us one more time!

Most sincerely, Ts

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