Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Face to FACE

Djs Ts & Roll present...

L I F E / S T Y L E
cheap drinks dance party!

thursday, april 1st, 10pm - 2am
beauty bar, 2299 mission st
always free


Dear friends,

Last week was so much FUN.  Last Thursday, Kirk rocked the dance floor in his own inimitable style, but the real highlight was Raul's sets.  If you haven't been to L/S recently, you're missing out.  Raul's forging his own distinct style and adding major skills to the mix.  Yes!   After Amedee, Arlo (great debut set, man) and I had a blast with y'all at Early, some of us headed to Eug's relatively new monthly, FACE, at SOM.  We danced hard to his sets as well as guest Prince Language from NYC.

This week it's the core duo - Raul & Ts - rocking the decks as usual.  Come on by and start April right with us and the rest of the Beauty Bar crew.

Eug was originally scheduled for this week's LIFE/STYLE as a lot of you know, but he's had to reschedule.  He'll be back on April 29th with us.  We'll update you with when he'll be back.  In addition to Eug, we've got a some new guest dj's coming on board that we know you'll love as well as our beloved regulars. So stay tuned!

Also, we have a new sponsor - Red Stag by Jim Beam.  In addition to other cheap beverages, try it out.  You can get a great faux Manhattan with this or something akin to a cherry coke.  I tried it; it will get you f*cked up - in a good way.

Thanks for coming out in full force yet again to L/S, Early, and Superrock - ps. Adam P. dropped an awesome guest set!

Take care and see you soon.

yf, Ts

ps.  If you are interested in sharing/publicizing any of your own events here, let us know and we'll put in our weekly/blog postings!

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