Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the love of aquarius!

Djs Ts, & Roll present

L I F E / S T Y L E

ODDz february edition
free, thursday, feb 11th, 10p-2a
beauty bar, 2299 mission st at 19th

Dear friends,

I am still excited about the new year but I am even more excited to dj this
Thursday in celebration of all our beloved Aquarian friends!  Aquarius is my
most compatible sign, so it's no wonder I have so many around me - Blue,
Green, Sheila, Ken, Noe, Fidel, and so many more.  I love you all!

Dj Oddz

Dear friends,

Once again, you've shown that rain won't get you down.  Thanks for coming out to support Rob aka Vinyl Richie at his L/S debut last week.  You danced and danced some more and that always makes us happy.  His sets were filled with forgotten classics, underplayed genres, and little bit of humor.  Great job!

As most of you know, we've been working hard on LIFE/STYLE's 1 Year Anniversary Party.  I'm really proud of what we've accomplished over the past year.  With very little publicity except for this email and facebook, and us placing a flyer in your hand, our success has really been one fueled by a love of music and you guys showing up and spreading the word.  It's very humbling for me to think about.  We've had lots of guest djs - most of them first timers - guests that just love music and have lovingly shared their selections with us.  That's one of the things that makes our party truly unique.

Here's a quick preview of next week's blowout on Feb. 18: Eug, Kirk, Greg, and Amedee guest dj...  Jessica is making caramel corn...  Josh and Bama have come up with a couple of free drink specials.  Something vodka based and possibly champagne...  Candice will probably be in the house giving manicures...  Decorations + balloon drop at midnight...  The Life/Style Crew dressed to the 9's and kicking out the jams!  It's gonna be special, and I hope you can make it out.  Look sharp!  Try and come early for the free drink specials and the sweet treats.  We start at 9pm.  If you haven't RSVP'd yet, please do so HERE.  This will help us with any last minute planning.

Next week, I''ve got a little write up about L/S' history and thank you list for everyone that has made L/S possible.  Thank you once again.  Now...

Let's practice by celebrating our Aquarian friends' birthdays on Thursday with Ari dj-ing.  It's always amazing to hear her selections, and it will be doubly amazing to celebrate our awesome friends' birthdays. 

See you soon.


ps. Susan, I'm excited to see you!  Welcome back to SF!

Upcoming events... 
2/11: L/S : dj Oddz
2/18: L/S : 1 Year Anniversary Party!

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