Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nonsensical Muse and Greetings!

Hi I'm Raul! Yes...very happy to meet you. Me? Well thanks for asking. You should expect to see me 'round these parts more often. I hope you'll find this to be as amusing as it is for me...

Speaking of amusing, I had a fantastic night getting reacquainted with an amazing band, the Trash Can Sinatras. They performed an excellent live set at Cafe Du Nord - a mix of mostly new tunes and quite a few from their sophmore album...kinda sadly though, nothing from Cake, their amazing debut from 1990. Out of Glasgow, their version of jangle pop is like C86 meets Aztec Camera...amazing guitar pop sensibilities, great songwriting, and a cool aesthetic that makes you wanna bust out the stripe tees and clarks (or hush puppies if that's your thing). Thanks to my lovely pal, Elise, I was introduced to the fellas and ended up enjoying some reefer and beers backstage with them...turns out they're big Northern Soul that ended up being a rad conversation. Took some of the fellas over to Lucky 13 for last call where the topic of discussion turned to skateboarding and the music industry...nice.

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